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Career opportunities

Michael Dembitzki - Sales

From 2012–2015 I completed an apprenticeship to become an industrial management assistant with an additional qualification in European business management. After that, I spent three years working as an internal sales officer and in 2018 was promoted to team leader of internal sales and training supervisor for the industrial management assistant team.

There is a very positive working environment at STS – it’s almost like a small family. My supervisors and colleagues are always willing to listen, and flat hierarchies and quick decision-making keep all processes humming along. Working in small teams is extremely varied.

In the future, I would like to further expand my expertise in sales, drive forward our industrial management assistant apprenticeship programme and grow together with STS.

Andreas Wagner – Head of Quality Assurance / Apprenticeship

The first time I joined STS was back in 1998 for a holiday job. In 2001, with the positive working environment still fresh in my mind, I began an apprenticeship as a mechanatronics engineer. After completing my apprenticeship in 2005, I studied further to qualify as a state-certified electrical engineer with a specialisation in power electronics.

In 2011, I was promoted to team leader of Quality Assurance. Then, in 2014, I completed my training as a quality assurance technical officer and one year later as a training supervisor (AEVO Training Instructors Aptitude from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce). After additional further training as a quality management specialist, I was promoted to Head of the Quality Assurance Department in 2016 and, after more training in 2018, as the qualified electrical technician in charge. In 2019, I qualified as a training supervisor for system and machine operators (IHK registration).

I really love the collegial, friendly and helpful working environment at STS. As you can see from my CV, STS offers a wide range of prospects for further development. Personally, I would like to see STS develop into an even more attractive training organisation, and that is something I hope to contribute to myself.

Daniela Schweikart - planning and scheduling

I wanted to try something new outside the trade I was working in. The job vacancy at STS therefore came at the exact right time.
My interview and tour around the company were very interesting and pleasant. In March 2011, I started work at STS’s former Krumbach site, where I worked in production until 2014. At the start of 2015, I moved to Stockach and in 2016 had the opportunity to move to our planning and scheduling department – a change I’m still grateful for and happy about today.
STS has a really pleasant working environment, Area Text content Images and all of my colleagues are very warm and friendly. It’s simply a great place to work. In the future, I hope that STS continues to grow and I can keep planning and purchasing.


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