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railway technology

Inductive components for railway technology applications

STS’s power transformers and power inductors are used for auxiliary power supplies, for example, in railway technology applications. Leading manufacturers of electric trams, regional trains and high-speed trains around the world have already placed their trust in our know-how and decades of market expertise.

Every kilo counts
Using numerical and analytical calculation methods, we determine the hot spot of each component before building it. We use an appropriate thermal management approach to achieve optimal cooling. The end result is a component that is perfectly designed in terms of volume and weight.

Maximum protection
Electrical equipment on trains is exposed to wind and weather day after day, and must be safely protected from environmental and operational degradation. STS's transformers and inductors for railway technology applications are therefore shock and vibration resistant. We can also design components that meet up to IP65 requirements.

Reliable, long-lasting operation
Partial discharge plays a key role in insulation systems for inductors, which are intended to function reliably for 300,000 operating hours or 30 years. Our experts design your inductors to be compliant with the relevant standards and in line with your specifications – ensuring that we achieve the right partial discharge resistance and provide you with optimally sized, low-weight components.

DC inductors
Sine-wave inductors
High-power-density inductors
Combined components
High-power-density transformers
Combined components

Inductive components
for industrial applications

With decades of experience in designing the electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical properties of medium-frequency inductive components, STS is a competent partner for national and international customers in the world of industry. Our transformers and inductors are used for switching frequencies of 5 kHz and above, including in Si and SiC topologies. Here, reducing skin and proximity losses plays a key role in the component design process.

We use modern core and insulation materials to create inductors with a high power density. This makes it easier to mechanically integrate the transformers and inductors into the switch-mode power supply.

By precisely adjusting the inductance curve L(I), the magnetic circuit can be made best use of. This enables, for example, high crest factors to be achieved without having to make the core material larger than necessary.

Thanks to our own modular core geometries and a wide range of winding materials, we can develop and manufacture transformers and inductors tailored to the requirements of our industrial customers in next to no time.


High-current transformers
High-Voltage Transformers
MF power transformers
MF Power Transformers
Buck/ Boost inductors
Sine-wave inductors
Sine-wave inductors
High-power-density inductors

Inductive components
for medical applications

Transformers and inductors need to meet especially high safety standards before they can be used in medical devices.
We develop transformers and inductors, e.g. for high continuous operating voltages of up to 10 kV, that are compliant with the relevant standards and designed to meet industry-specific safety standards. When designing these components, people’s safety is our top priority.

To ensure high isolating voltage, we develop a customised insulation system for each and every component – resulting in a solution you can rely on. Many of our inductive components have already been operating smoothly in their applications for over 20 years.

On the subject of reliability, we also guarantee to supply replacement parts for the duration of your product’s lifecycle, thus ensuring the reliable, cost-effective operation of our component in your medical devices.


MF Power Transformers
Resonance inductors

smart grid

inductive components
for smart grid applications

Renewable energy and an intelligent networked energy supply are highly topical issues. After starting its journey with PV inverters years ago, STS has now also turned its attention to topics such as e-mobility, smart energy storage systems and fuel cell applications.

Our highly efficient (up to 99.8 %) inductive components will help to boost the efficiency of your converters.

With cooling methods tailored to your cooling system coupled with tried-and-tested insulation methods, we make sure that our parts will work reliably in any application for many years.

Thanks to our automated manufacturing processes (lean production), we can also produce large quantities of inductive components quickly and cost-effectively.

MF Power Transformers
High-power-density transformers
Combined components


We are here
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