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At STS we rely on more than just tried and trusted methods. To test the limits of what is physically possible, we continuously take steps to further improve our mechanical, thermal, electrotechnical, electromagnetic and technical measurement competencies. We do not do this alone, however, but with renowned research institutions and companies at our side.

We carry out comprehensive material analyses to ensure that our inductors are long-lasting and reliable. Numerical simulations using FEM in 2D and 3D eliminate unnecessary iteration loops and lower costs, while analytical calculation methods using state-of-the-art software tools enable us to reduce our design times and cut development and prototyping costs. Most importantly, we can also carry out FEM and analytical calculations on site at your premises, giving you even quicker access to the initial designs and valid results.



To design an optimised inductive component, it’s vital to know the physical limits of the materials. STS therefore qualifies each new core with regard to its magnetically relevant properties, for example, by calculating the Steinmetz coefficients of different geometries in order to project the core losses for the application at hand.

In addition, we check the characteristic parameters of insulation foils at our modern foil measuring station. We use mechanical test equipment to test the shock and vibration resistance of transformers and inductors, and carry out temperature cycle tests to verify the long-term stability of the inductive components.



Each and every project is supported by a experienced STS application engineer, from the first project meeting to the series production stage. Early on in your project, we will advise you on the optimal design for your inductive component with a view to keeping the product and overall system costs as low as possible.

Key is the focus of your design: Is achieving the optimum power density, boosting the level of efficiency or keeping costs down at the top of your list? Which cooling system is available for your application – free convection, contact cooling or direct and indirect water cooling? Which shock, vibration and environmental influences need to be taken into account? Based on the answers to these questions, your inductive component will be optimised to your requirements and the relevant standards.

Our objective is to provide you with a component that remains reliable throughout its lifecycle and is optimally designed from a technical and commercial point of view.



We would also be happy to optimise the design of your inductive components, or analyse the results of your power tests, on site at your premises.



We rigorously check whether your transformers and inductors meet their technical requirements and our high-quality standards. For example, we check whether all norms and safety standards have been complied with.

With our testing equipment we can check thermal behaviour of your inductive component by AC and DC losses. We subject each component to all of the safety-related insulation tests required for it to comply with the relevant standards.
With all of these steps we have one goal in mind: swiftly providing you with the first functioning prototype with a view to shortening your development times.



One-piece-flow manufacturing is one of STS’s strengths. It enables us to respond quickly and achieve short lead times in our projects – from the time we receive the order to the time we deliver the inductors. STS also sets industry standards with its quick delivery times. This means that, even for projects with a quick turnaround, you can count on us to deliver your transformers and inductors reliably and on time.

To continue to fulfil this remit in the future, we are continuously working to introduce new manufacturing technologies, boost the degree of automation in our processes, digitalise our analogue processes and increase our productivity. The high value we add to each and every product means that we swiftly deliver products of the highest quality, also helping to keep you competitive.


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