Shinkansen N700S


In Japan saust ein MF Übertrager von STS aus Stockach über die Gleise

In Japan saust ein MF Übertrager von STS über die Gleise. Im neuen Shinkansen N700S reisen Sie mit 285 Kilometern pro Stunde – und erreichen Ihr Ziel auch bei Stromausfall!

285 km/h

The selection procedure:

Once we have received your application, you will generally receive confirmation of receipt within two working days. If we are impressed with your application, we will start by inviting you to a short telephone interview so that we can find out a little more about you.
The next step is the first interview, where we aim to get to know you better. This will be held by the supervisor and the HR representative.

During the interview, we pay particular attention to your social skills, for example to see how flexible and communicative you are at responding to an unusual situation. If we invite you back for a second interview, we will take you on a tour of the company, giving you the chance to get to know more about STS, your future department and colleagues.

If you are applying for a position in one of our skilled trade areas, we will arrange a trial day with you straight after the interview to give you a better idea of what the role entails.